Vettel tried to make up time: "I didn't have a good first sector"

26-09-2020 20:29 | Updated: 26-09-2020 22:11
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Vettel tried to make up time: I didn't have a good first sector

The neutral F1 fan will have been grateful to Sebastian Vettel on Saturday. Thanks to the red flag he caused with his crash, qualifying suddenly became quite exciting. For Vettel himself it was another setback. He acknowledges that this time it was his own fault.

"When I crashed I was trying to improve my time", says the Ferrari driver in their qualifying review. "I hadn't had a good first sector so I was pushing. It seems that I was going too quickly and so I lost the car. It had already happened in turn 2 and then it happened again in turn 4. I tried to avoid the impact, but I couldn't catch it."

Vettel apologises

After the free practice sessions on Friday Vettel was still moderately positive, but on Saturday the car didn't feel so good again. The former world champion wanted to compensate for that during qualifying. He apologises to the team for the damages.

"Compared to the morning session, the track was quite different during qualifying and I struggled a bit more. I'm sorry to have made extra work for the team, but at least I think the car can be fixed."

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