Racing Point: "Surprised that we read about it in the press"

26-09-2020 10:11 | Updated: 26-09-2020 11:14
Racing Point: Surprised that we read about it in the press

Sergio Perez reported last week that he is not happy that Racing Point is withholding information from him since it was announced that he has to leave Lawrence Stroll's team. Those statements caused astonishment among the British formation, but by now everything has now been resolved.

According to, Perez spoke with the team management of Racing Point. Technical director Andrew Green also states that the withholding of information only relates to the 2021 programme.

Perez remains involved

This is not very strange, because almost all teams do this when a driver races for a competitor next season. "Those conversations are for next year's car, basically. We're not excluding him from anything we're doing this year," Green said.

Racing Point stresses that it needs Perez's help this year as it is fighting for third place in the world championship among the manufacturers. “It does us no good at all to start to treat him any differently. And we haven't done. And that's why we were surprised that instead of talking to us about any issues he had, the first we read about it is in the press. So that was a bit strange."

Perez was wrong

The experienced Mexican now realises that he was wrong. "But then when we spoke to him yesterday about it and asked him what it was he thought we were holding back, he realised that actually, he was mistaken, and we weren't holding anything back," concludes Green on Perez.

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