Alonso returns to 'boring' F1: "You know in advance who wins"

25-09-2020 21:35 | Updated: 25-09-2020 22:42
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Alonso returns to 'boring' F1: You know in advance who wins

Fernando Alonso will return to Formula 1 next year at the age of 40. The Spaniard has never lacked ambition and that's why he wants to compete again at the highest level. But does he do it for fun?

Amazon Prime followed Fernando Alonso over the past few years for a documentary series about his adventures in racing classes outside Formula 1. He told Le Figaro that he doesn't really understand why racing fans don't watch other classes anymore.

Encouraging people to watch other racing series

"The world of motor sport is very big, but 90% of the attention is focused on F1. While curiously, today  it is the only discipline that has been decided in advance and the most boring, because we already know who will win before the race even starts."

He maintains that Formula 1 is the highest achievable for a driver, but as a fan he finds the other racing classes in which he has raced much more interesting and spectacular. He hopes that the documentary will encourage people to watch the WEC, IndyCar or the Dakar rally more often.

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