Wolff was never interested in replacing Carey: "My place is at Mercedes"

25-09-2020 15:19 | Updated: 25-09-2020 15:23
Wolff was never interested in replacing Carey: My place is at Mercedes

Toto Wolff is pleased with the fact that Stefano Domenicali will be the new CEO of Formula 1. The team boss of Mercedes hints that he himself never wanted to replace Chase Carey.

When Wolff is asked by German Sky Sport whether the role of CEO of Formula 1 is one that would suit him, he evasively replies: "My place is with Mercedes. I feel comfortable here. I am not only team principal but also a partner of Mercedes. Together I believe we can take the team to a new level."

Mercedes expects a lot from Domenicali 

It had been known for some time that Carey, the current boss of the king's class of motor racing, would leave the job. It was announced on Friday afternoon that former Ferrari top executive Domenicali would take over his duties. Wolff thinks Liberty Media's choice for the 55-year old Italian is a good one. "He will lead Formula 1 with great integrity. Of course he will also try a lot to put the brakes on us, but that is part of the game."

Last year Wolff himself was also associated with a move to Liberty Media as CEO. Those rumours were then emphatically denied by the Austrian.

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