Perez not happy that people on the team are hiding things from him

24-09-2020 17:45 | Updated: 24-09-2020 20:40
Perez not happy that people on the team are hiding things from him

In the carroussel for 2021, which was started before the start of the current season, Sergio Perez seems to lose out for the time being. The chance that he will end up with a better or equal team is very small. That is why he wants to make the best of this season.

"We still can have the best season in our history if we manage to finish third. We are all going to be very disappointed if we don't get that third place in the Constructors' Championship," said the Mexican to Sky Sports.

Shielding development for departing driver

Although his team will agree, Perez does not feel that they are giving him the best possible support at the moment. When it becomes known that a driver will leave at the end of the season, teams try to shield technical developments as much as possible. This is now also the case at Racing Point, to the displeasure of their driver.

"Obviously since the news came out some people inside the team tend to hide things, which I don't think is great. I think at the moment we just have to be as transparent as possible to make sure that we achieve our goals and make sure that we score as many points as we possibly can."

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