Verstappen: 'I don't care how many victories and titles he has'

24-09-2020 14:37 | Updated: 24-09-2020 15:09
Verstappen: 'I don't care how many victories and titles he has'

In the press conference, Max Verstappen briefly looked back on his bad weekends in Italy. The 22-year-old driver also discussed the impressive results of Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes and a possible switch from the British driver to Red Bull Racing.

"The pasta was delicious, but I didn't drive a lot of laps," says Verstappen to the present media, including The Dutchman wants to leave the two outages behind him and focus on the races that will still be on the calendar in 2020. "I went home. You don't think too much about racing. What's more important is that we find out the causes of the problems."

Max sees nothing in Jordan's suggestion

Last week Eddie Jordan stated that Lewis Hamilton should actually move to the Red Bull team instead of extending his contract with Mercedes. Verstappen does not understand that remark of the former owner of Jordan Grand Prix very well.

"Why would he go to Red Bull? We both want to win. Right now he is at the right team."

Hamilton's successes over the past few years have mainly been with his current employer. Verstappen is impressed by the performance of his rival. "It is quite impressive to win so many races and championships." If the six-time world champion wins again in Russia, he matches the record of 91 Grand Prix victories.

The Red Bull driver himself doesn't think about it very much. "I don't really think about it. I just look at myself. I don't really care who I fight with and how many victories and titles he has," he concludes.

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