Steiner about difficult year Haas: "Maybe our luck turns"

22-09-2020 19:24
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Steiner about difficult year Haas: Maybe our luck turns

Haas is having a hard time this year, that much is clear. Only one point has been achieved so far in 2020. Kevin Magnussen came tenth in Hungary, but has already failed five times. Romain Grosjean did not get past a twelfth so far.

Team boss Guenther Steiner sees the struggles of his team. "It’s a tough year for us but we’re always trying to do our best. At the moment it seems we’re just there to create the surprise for other people. Maybe our luck turns and we get something good out of it at some stage this year.”

Little prospect of progress

The tide doesn't seem to be turning this season either, Steiner himself realises. "It will be a tough end to the season, in the same way it was a tough start to the season. We obviously have some deficiencies in our car.”

Moreover, Haas hasn't brought any updates for the car for next weekend. "We are at least fighting every weekend with Alfa and Williams, and I think we can continue to do that for the rest of the season. With a little bit of luck, and some of our own talent, we should hopefully get some points before the season ends”, concludes a little positive Steiner on the Haas website.

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