Tost happy with retention Vettel in F1: "But he will have little chance of a title

21-09-2020 09:21 | Updated: 21-09-2020 10:59
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Tost happy with retention Vettel in F1: But he will have little chance of a title

AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost is happy to see Sebastian Vettel stay in Formula 1, but does not have much belief in title chances for the German. Vettel will remain in F1 with Aston Martin (currently Racing Point) in 2021 after his resignation from Scuderia Ferrari.

Mixed reactions to Vettel's chances

Many agree that it is good for F1 that Vettel stays in the sport. The four-time world champion is high on many record lists. However, his time at Ferrari has not done him any good and it looks as if he has lost his shine.

With the ambitious Aston Martin racing team starting next year, the German will try to revive his career one last time. Reactions to his chances are divided. Former F1 driver Hans-Joachim Stuck called it "A damn smart move," while RTL expert Christian Danner is very sceptical about his chances of winning races at all.

Tost critical on transition Vettel

However, Danner concludes: "If he likes to keep racing, he should definitely do it". Franz Tost shares Danner's opinion. AvD Motorsport Magazin quotes the Austrian: "I hope and wish that he will be successful and can win races. However, he will hardly be able to compete for the title with Aston Martin."

Tost is impressed by Vettel's passion and that he will continue: "I think it is good that Sebastian stays in F1 and that he has the passion to continue in this sport. He already has enough money and four world titles. He doesn't need it anymore."

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