Binotto: "Ferrari will continue to be part of Formula 1"

20-09-2020 10:34 | Updated: 20-09-2020 12:00
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Binotto: Ferrari will continue to be part of Formula 1

For Ferrari, the 2020 season has been hugely disappointing. Although they have still managed to achieve a number of podium finishes with Charles Leclerc, the team is lagging behind the competition. In 2019 they were still fighting for victories, but this season is far from the case. However, Mattia Binotto still has confidence in the Italian team's recovery.

"It is, of course, a very difficult period, but I think everyone at Ferrari still believes in F1 and it is very good to see that we are working so well together in this difficult year," Binotto explained to Ferrari's team boss has been part of the team for more than twenty years and has achieved great success with the team, including in the era of Michael Schumacher

Time to be dominant

"Ferrari has always been part of F1 and in the future Ferrari will be part of the sport for a long time to come," continued Binotto in conversation with David Coulthard. Because Binotto has been involved with Ferrari for so long, he can also see the differences between the two eras. "I think there is a lot more competition now. We have enormously strong opponents, so the level of organisation and development is much higher."

Above all, Binotto sees the stronger competition and sees that a team needs time to become dominant. "You used to have a very complicated challenge with the car and that's no different now. The big difference is actually that the competition is much stronger and that everything is much closer together. It takes time to really be stronger. It took Ferrari six years with Schumacher to do that and Red Bull Racing and Mercedes also needed time to become dominant."

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