Villeneuve: "Mercedes has the best car, but with Hamilton also the best driver"

19-09-2020 18:05 | Updated: 19-09-2020 18:10
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Villeneuve: Mercedes has the best car, but with Hamilton also the best driver

Mercedes has been the dominant team in Formula 1 since the introduction of Hybrid engines. Ferrari, in particular, seemed to be able to do something about this in 2017 and 2018, but they have fallen back a long way. Jacques Villeneuve believes that this dominance will continue for some time.

Teams such as Ferrari, but also Renault, have openly admitted that they are particularly committed to the new regulations for 2022 in order to make a leap forward and possibly fight for the world title again. Villeneuve believes, however, that little will change in the coming years.

Designers do not have enough freedom

"As long as F1 remains a hybrid formula, it will be almost impossible for competitors to get close to Mercedes. Not only do they have the best car, but with Lewis Hamilton they also have the best driver," said Villeneuve to La Stampa.

The fact that the cars will look completely different before 2022 is not going to have much effect either, according to the 1997 World Champion. These new regulations restrict the freedom of designers to such an extent that the current ranking will not be shaken much. According to Villeneuve, this is not what the new regulations are intended for.

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