F2 and F3 looking at drastic changes to racing weekends

19-09-2020 15:43 | Updated: 19-09-2020 17:01
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F2 and F3 looking at drastic changes to racing weekends

The corona crisis also strikes in Formula 2 and Formula 3. In order to save money and to give the drivers more time on the track, the F2 and F3 are looking at a different set-up of the calendar. The idea of alternating the two sports as a support program for F1 seems a strong one.

Travel costs in F2 and F3

F2 and F3 are now often both held prior to F1 races. In order to save costs in the future, the sports are looking at deleting a few weekends in their calendars, reports Autosport.nl.

Promotor Bruno Michel came up with the following idea in Mugello: The F2 will be the support act for F1 one weekend and the F3 will be back the other weekend. This means that races will be cancelled. As a solution to this problem, the driving time will be longer.

Three races per weekend

The F3 calendar can be shortened from nine to seven weekends and the F2 from twelve weekends to eight. This will save a lot of transport costs seen over the whole year. The teams can also save on staff because they can work alternately on the F2 and the F3 car.

The longer driving time Michel had devised is reflected in the fact that a weekend will consist of three races and two qualifications. The qualifications will then determine the starting position of the first races and the last race will be started on the basis of the reversed grid. Eventually there will be even more races in F3 and it will remain the same in F2, despite the smaller number of weekends.

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