Glock: 'Ferrari took a big risk and is now paying the price for it'

17-09-2020 11:45 | Updated: 17-09-2020 15:57
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Glock: 'Ferrari took a big risk and is now paying the price for it'

Where Ferrari in the second half of the 2019 season lightning fast, they are now nowhere at all and their customer teams are also experiencing this. All this has to do with the engine that Ferrari had to modify after the FIA intervened. It also doesn't look like the Italian team will really be able to compete for the title before 2022, and Timo Glock advises a completely new corporate structure.

Building phase

The bosses at Ferrari have already indicated that they will use the upcoming time to review the Formula 1 department, but according to Glock it is time for a new structure. That starts with a new team boss, because if something doesn't work, the coach is the weak link. However, this comparison with soccer doesn't quite hold true, as a Formula 1 team consists of many more people. Nevertheless, RTL's analyst questions the survival of Mattia Binotto.

At Speedweek the German says: "Normally it is relatively clear that he has to leave after such incidents, but at the moment he is still in the saddle and I wonder how much longer." That's not only true for Binotto, but for more people in the company layers. "At some point there must be consequences, but it's not just that one person, there must be a completely new structure."

"You don't like operating in the gray area, because you know that when they catch you, you're back to square one. The risk was high and now they have to pay for it. They'll be happy when the new rules come, but engine power is engine power. You have to work on it and it will be difficult, it will take time."

Departure of Vettel

One of the changes at Ferrari with effect from 2021 is that Carlos Sainz will take the place of Sebastian Vettel, who in turn will leave for Racing Point. A good move according to Glock, he says: "It was clearly the best option for him. Perhaps also in terms of after his career. Maybe he threw the feelers over the team so he can play a role there for longer. A good decision."

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