Schumacher happy with helpfulness Vettel: "I get tips from him"

15-09-2020 19:25
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Schumacher happy with helpfulness Vettel: I get tips from him

Mick Schumacher is doing good business in Formula 2, because after last weekend he is the leader in the championship. He was also able to get into his father's Ferrari at Mugello last weekend to do some laps. It is certain that the son of the seven-time F1 champion will be in Formula 1 sooner or later, but when is the question?

Don't think about it too much

Despite his good performance in Formula 2, he doesn't want to think too much about Formula 1. This is what he says in an interview with RTL Germany: "I just want to keep doing my thing, but of course it means something if you are a Formula 2 world champion. It draws attention to you, but there is no such thing as having a seat at the same time."

Mick Schumacher is expected to make his debut in free practice at the Nürburgring later this year, but he didn't want to answer that in the same interview. However, he did talk about his relationship with Sebastian Vettel.

"Vettel is a very relaxed guy from whom I sometimes get a few tips," Schumacher says, saying that he is happy that Vettel will remain active in Formula 1. After all, it was announced last week that the German will be driving for Racing Point from 2021. Schumacher sees his presence as "very useful" for him, because he needs the help and tips of the four-time champion.

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