Wurz: "Verstappen may break the records of Hamilton and Schumacher"

15-09-2020 16:28 | Updated: 15-09-2020 16:30
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Wurz: Verstappen may break the records of Hamilton and Schumacher

For a long time Max Verstappen seemed to be in battle with the Mercedes drivers in the championship. However, due to the double retirements in Monza and Mugello, there seems to be nothing left of that fight. Both drivers of the German team are now clearly in front of the Dutchman again in the standings. Alexander Wurz however expects that the time of Verstappen is yet to come.

"If you imagine that he can still be the youngest world champion, that's Sebastian Vettel now, he still has so many years ahead of him. However, Max has already gained an enormous amount of experience", Wurz explains to ORF. However, the German does expect that this year is already a lost cause for the Dutchman.

Breaking records

"There really must be a miracle if he can still get involved in the battle for the title this year, but fortunately he is also realistic himself". Wurz sees that Verstappen has grown tremendously mentally, so he really expects his time to come. "He gives it everything and for me it is one of the very best drivers we have ever seen.

In the current form of F1, however, car has an enormous influence on whether a driver can become world champion or not. "Of course he has to hope for a good car to become world champion. If he succeeds, he can overtake Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher in the record books. He has what it takes," concludes Wurz.

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