Todt: "Ferrari today not comparable to when I took over"

15-09-2020 14:07 | Updated: 15-09-2020 14:44
Todt: Ferrari today not comparable to when I took over

Jean Todt is a big name in Formula 1. He is currently the president of the FIA, but he has been in charge of Ferrari during the Schumacher era. It hurts Todt that things aren't going well for Ferrari, although he remains positive.

Ferrari has strong organization

The little Frenchman was in charge at Ferrari from 1993 to 2008 and celebrated great successes with, among others, Michael Schumacher. A succes that the Italians can now only dream of. The famous red race team is having a hard time and they were passed on all sides in both Monza and Tuscany. That hurts and makes them gloomy.

"I don't want to see anyone suffer, no matter who it is. That's why I first try to understand the reasons. I can only say that Ferrari of today cannot be compared to the team I took over in 1993." These were years when things weren't going so well for the Italians.

Todt continues in an interview with Auto, Motor und Sport: "I would have loved to have had such a starting base. Ferrari today is a strong organization. Only some pieces of the puzzle do not fit." So if we to believe Todt, the Scuderia can quickly improve as soon as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. It is to be hoped for the Ferrari fan that this will happen soon.

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