Mick Schumacher to Alfa Romeo in 2021: 'He's ready for Formula 1'

15-09-2020 10:38
by GPblog.com
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Mick Schumacher to Alfa Romeo in 2021: 'He's ready for Formula 1'

Mick Schumacher is close to making the switch to Formula 1. The son of the legendary Michael Schumacher gets to test for Ferrari and is said to be the biggest candidate for a seat at Alfa Romeo.

For Schumacher, the start of 2020 did not go entirely according to plan. The campaign to become a Formula 2 champion started with some setbacks, but in the meantime the German is firmly in the lead and nothing seems to stand in his way of a transition to F1. Gerhard Berger also thinks Michael's son is ready.

Schumacher ready for Formula 1

''I like him. He is slowly but surely working his way up to the top of each category and that is important to me with a driver. He has to fight with his head and endurance for the title and then it doesn't matter if he comes second. I see that with Mick and I also saw that with Michael'', Berger says to Speedweek.com.

The ten-time Grand Prix winner thinks Schumacher is ready for the step to F1. ''I think he's ready," says Berger, who thinks Mick looks a lot like his father. ''How he walks, how he looks, how he works. In everything he looks a lot like Michael and I would be very happy for him and his family if he is successful in Formula 1'', concludes the Austrian.

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