'Switch to Aston Martin by Vettel may have been a damn smart move'

14-09-2020 14:50 | Updated: 14-09-2020 17:35
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'Switch to Aston Martin by Vettel may have been a damn smart move'

After many rumours, the transfer of Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin has finally been announced. According to Norbert Haug and Hans-Joachim Stuck, it is a smart move by the German.

While the spotlight was supposed to be on Ferrari at the team's 1000th Grand Prix in Mugello, the focus prior to the race was on Sebastian Vettel. The Ferrari driver will be joining the Racing Point team next year, which will be called Aston Martin from 2021.

Norbert Haug, the former head of motorsport at Mercedes, sees a lot of potential in the transfer. "No dominance will last forever. That's what we saw at Red Bull Racing. So if they do a good job, Aston Martin can be very successful. At least they have a good foundation," says Haug at SPORT1.

"Vettel said he had the best conditions at Aston Martin. I can't say if it's enough to win the championship, but they have a plan there. That was the case with us at the time," continues the former Mercedes boss.

Damn smart move

Moreover, Haug is not the only one who thinks it's a positive step for Vettel. "At Racing Point they are on the right track with the Mercedes engine, the best engine at the moment," says Hans-Joachim Stuck, the former president of the German Motorsport Federation.

Stuck thinks there's definitely a chance that Toto Wolff will also make the switch to Aston Martin. "He seems very undecided, so who knows what will happen in the future. Anything is possible there, so maybe it was a damn smart move by Vettel," concluded the former driver.

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