Honda on engine Verstappen: "'DRS train' had nothing to do with overheating"

11-09-2020 21:32 | Updated: 12-09-2020 00:10
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Honda on engine Verstappen: 'DRS train' had nothing to do with overheating

Max Verstappen dropped out of the Italian GP last week. He had problems with his Honda engine, which overheated. Technical director of Honda F1 Toyoharu Tanabe says they almost found out what the problem was.

Tanabe says to the Japanese website as.web that the cause of the problem is as good as obsolete. "Fortunately the engine was undamaged and we can use it again this week. But it seems that the high temperature is part of the problem. So we need to prepare ourselves well this weekend because it is getting very hot."


Tanabe says that the 'DRS train' that Verstappen was on after the restart has nothing to do with the overheating. "No, that was certainly not the case. The interruption caused by the red flag has thrown a lot of soot into our food."

Finally, he is asked whether it is a problem that occurs more often. "If it happens more often, I get into trouble. It has nothing to do with the design either. It's all right."

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