Several Italian newspapers report Stroll's interest in Newey services

11-09-2020 17:35 | Updated: 12-09-2020 09:08
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Several Italian newspapers report Stroll's interest in Newey services

The Stroll family is making good progress in Formula 1 with Racing Point. Besides the fact that they have managed to get a very competitive car (legal or not) on the track this season, the team's prestige will only increase next year. And Stroll doesn't seem satisfied yet.

In 2021 Racing Point will be known as Aston Martin, and with Sebastian Vettel as a driver you could say that the team is well on its way out of midfield.

Newey's last trick?

According to sources at La Gazetta dello Sport, Lawrence Stroll is planning to add a name to it. He would like to bring Adrian Newey to his team. Together with an investment of 100 million in a new factory, the top designer could drive the team to rewards.

Although it is unlikely that Newey will actually make this switch, the connection with Aston Martin is of course not entirely out of thin air. In the Red Bull period, Newey has already designed a car for them. In addition, he knows Sebastian Vettel well from their period of success at Red Bull.

Update: 9:08

Corriere dello Sport now also reports that Stroll has focused on Newey's work. According to the Italian newspaper, Stroll wants to bring in Newey to revive the partnership between Newey and Vettel. Together, the two won eight titles at Red Bull, four from the drivers and four from the manufacturers... The Red Bull counterattack is not yet known.

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