Norris does not feel sorry for Leclerc: "Why should I?"

09-09-2020 14:29 | Updated: 09-09-2020 14:37
Norris does not feel sorry for Leclerc: Why should I?

Lando Norris is performiing well at McLaren but sees his teammate Carlos Sainz is leaving for a struggling Ferrari. Norris doesn't feel sorry for the Ferrari drivers, as Charles Leclerc has to do with a very poor red car this year.

Leclerc, together with teammate Sebastian Vettel, is already romping around with the Ferrari car this year. On paper, Charles is driving for a top team, but this year's results tell a different storry. Norris doesn't feel sorry for Leclerc he told Sky sports.

“Why would I? He experienced wins and podiums last year like not many people ever get to achieve". The cheerful Englishman explains why he has no pity:“Just because they’re having a worse year because of some circumstances which have played a part and meant they don’t have as good of a car. They’re just not achieving what everyone expects them to achieve.” Poor results are clearly no reason for pity.

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