Conclusions after the GP: 'Maybe confidence does something good for drivers Marko'

07-09-2020 08:18
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Conclusions after the GP: 'Maybe confidence does something good for drivers Marko'

The Italian Grand Prix was a true spectacle. Where the race on the historic circuit of Monza is often a parade, it was an incredible race which ended with a victory for Pierre Gasly. A race in 2020 couldn't get any crazier. These are the conclusions after the Italian Grand Prix.

Formula 1 is not boring

After the Belgian Grand Prix, everyone said again that Formula 1 is so boring. This was proven to be nonsense this weekend!

However, the chaotic race at Monza does not guarantee any exciting races in the future. Mercedes made a mistake with Hamilton's pit stop, Bottas didn't make it after his dramatic start and Red Bull Racing was nowhere to be seen. If those two teams have it all back together again, we won't have a spectacle at Mugello.

The poison cup must be empty at Ferrari

After a pointless performance at Spa-Francorchamps, Ferrari didn't seem to be able to sink any deeper. However, things went from bad to worse for the Italian team. Brakes broke putting an end to Sebastian Vettel's race, and Charles Leclerc was, fortunately, able to walk away from his particularly hard crash.

Red Bull Racing actually disappoints

Red Bull Racing is still second in the championship of course, but if you're honest this year it's all really disappointing. Max Verstappen has to make do with podium finishes behind the Mercedes drivers and that already seems to be a lot more than the car should be able to do. Alexander Albon gets a lot less out of the car every week.

Of course that will be largely due to the Thai, but the fact that AlphaTauri can win a race and finish in points with both drivers, where Red Bull can score zero points, says everything you need to know about 2020. Red Bull has taken a step back. It has gambled and lost with the new car and will not have another chance until 2022.

Red Bull has chosen the wrong driver

After six months Pierre Gasly was kicked out of Red Bull Racing. He could never reach the level the team required. Albon had to become the saviour and support Verstappen. However, the relegation is the best thing that ever happened to Gasly, because since then the Frenchman has been on the podium twice.

Next to Gasly was Carlos Sainz, who was also not judged to be good enough by Helmut Marko. Two drivers who have already appeared on the podium twice in a car that shouldn't be able to do so, while there is someone in the car at Red Bull who can't do it in a car that should be able to do it. 

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