Vettel loses brake pressure: "Don't know where the problem is coming from"

06-09-2020 18:59
Vettel loses brake pressure: Don't know where the problem is coming from

Sebastian Vettel doesn't have the faintest idea why his brakes suddenly failed at the Monza circuit. As a result, the Ferrari driver didn't get any points.

"At the beginning of the race it was discovered that we had problems with the rear brake line," said Vettel in conversation with RTL. The German media reports that at first he only had a problem at the left rear, but later he was also hit at the right rear. "Suddenly I had more brake pressure when I hit the brake in the first corner."

Cause still unknown

The brakes shouldn't have failed. "Thank God I was still in the first corner where there was a long exit zone, in the last corner it wouldn't have been so good," he says. "I don't know where the problem came from or why. But it was clear I didn't have any brakes."

Vettel will leave Ferrari at the end of 2020, but it won't be a fun farewell year for the time being. "I wouldn't say frustrating, but it's just annoying. I have no choice but to try to continue in one way or another, but at the moment the fun factor is certainly not at its peak."

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