Wolff doesn't see Red Bull coming any closer: "Will see the satisfaction"

05-09-2020 15:52
by Adam Newton
Wolff doesn't see Red Bull coming any closer: Will see the satisfaction

Toto Wolff is very pleased with Lewis Hamilton's pole position and Valtteri Bottas' second place. The team boss of Mercedes saw that the W11 suffered little from the ban on qualifying engine modes.

"We will see the satisfaction in the next races," says Wolff cynically at ORF about the ban on qualifying mode that has come into effect from Monza. Mercedes, however, does not seem to have suffered much from it. "First race post party mode and our distances have remained the same or even better than some of our competitors, who may have pushed this issue."

The road to victory is clear

The Mercedes duo start tomorrow from P1 and P2 and seem to disappear on the horizon based on the longruns of the free practice sessions. Red Bull was the main threat, but Max Verstappen has to get past Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez from fifth place first.

""Now let's see if we can bring this across just as well in tomorrow's race. We should actually be much faster in the race over the whole race distance," says Wolff. As qualifying mode has been banned, the Brackley power unit will be able to run on Sunday with some extra power as standard.

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