'New name for Renault and will the blue livery return?'

04-09-2020 07:24 | Updated: 04-09-2020 12:33
by GPblog.com
'New name for Renault and will the blue livery return?'

Renault have been back in Formula 1 since 2016 and since then they've run their yellow and black livery. That could change in the future. For example, Fernando Alonso was hoping for a little more blue and that could happen just like that.

Renault's blue, of course, dates back to the time when the team was at their most successful. In 2005 and 2006 Alonso took the world title with the French team, which was then dressed in a yellow-blue livery. An iconic colour combination that did not reappear in Formula 1 after the 2006 season.

Renault chooses a new name

With the return of Alonso and his wish to give the car a blue tint again, little seems to have happened yet, but Formula 1 journalist Thomas Maher discovered something in Renault's latest press release.

Rumours are now raging about a potential new name for Renault, but also new colours. Alpine is a French car that falls under the Renault dome. They mainly produce racing and sports cars and after the project was stopped in 1994, it was resumed in 2012. The logo is predominantly blue and the website is also shrouded in blue. Is this the chance for Alonso to drive in blue again?

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