Why doesn't Ferrari choose to use 2019 parts on the SF1000?

31-08-2020 17:24 | Updated: 31-08-2020 19:18
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Why doesn't Ferrari choose to use 2019 parts on the SF1000?

After Belgium, it is clear that Ferrari is experiencing major problems. And, as previously thought, it seems to go further than just the engines that are no good at the Scuderia. Kimi Raikkonen managed to finish with his Alfa Romeo for both Ferrari's at Spa-Francorchamps after overtaking on the track. However, switching to the 2019 car is not possible according to team boss Mattia Binotto.

In Belgium Ferrari ended up outside the top 10 with two cars while both cars did finish the race. This was the first time since Britain in 2010 that this happened. The engine problem had been known to Ferrari for some time, but the SF1000 was so slow that it wasn't just about the engine power. According to team boss Mattia Binotto, there is also the question of philosophy.

2019 parts on the SF1000

"The car has more air resistance this year," says Binotto to Motorsport-Total.com and others. "Spa is a circuit where power is important, as is aerodynamic efficiency. The car we've developed this season is definitely worse."

However, there is no option to put parts from last year's car on the 2020 car. "The car is very different, even if it is a development. You can't just put parts from one car to another. That is not possible," explains Binotto.

How long will Binotto remain team boss?

Binotto's position as team boss seems to be in increasing danger, but the Italian stresses that he will do everything he can to stay on board with the Maranello formation. "But it is not up to me to say if I am the right man," concludes Binotto.

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