Haas stays in Formula 1 after all: ''Apparently it works in F1 after all''

25-08-2020 09:13 | Updated: 25-08-2020 10:23
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Haas stays in Formula 1 after all: ''Apparently it works in F1 after all''

All ten Formula 1 teams have signed the new Concorde Agreement, which commits them to the sport until at least 2025. Haas will therefore stay in F1 longer, despite rumours of an early departure.

Haas made his debut in Formula 1 in 2016 and was immediately competitive. Like Racing Point, Haas sought out the limits of the regulations and bought as many parts as possible from Ferrari. Not every year was a success for Haas, who sinks further and further back. Nevertheless, Gene Haas continues to have confidence in the project.

Haas stays in Formula 1

''I think Gene has looked at Formula 1 and still sees it as an important means of making his name known. It apparently works, because otherwise he wouldn't do it, even though he loves the sport. Of course there are big costs involved, but with the new regulations it should only become more interesting for small teams'', says Günther Steiner according to Motorsportweek.com.

''We have a team that, despite its poor performance, works well. The budget cap should then bring the field closer together. Maybe not in the first year, but in time. The fact that the income is also distributed more fairly is good for the small teams. It's a good step in the right direction to ensure that everyone can win someday'', concludes Steiner.

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