De Vries: "I agree that next to F1 it is the biggest class"

23-08-2020 17:21 | Updated: 23-08-2020 17:34
De Vries: I agree that next to F1 it is the biggest class

Nyck de Vries believes that Formula E has made great strides in recent years. The Dutchman has been driving in the electric racing class this season and thinks it is a lot more exciting than Formula 1.

Biggest class after F1

According to de Vries, Formula E is a leading and fully-fledged class because of the number of manufacturers and drivers. "It is also a very competitive and interesting championship. I agree that besides Formula 1 it is the biggest class. After all, call it another class in which so many car manufacturers race," said de Vries to


"In my opinion, it is mainly the 'historical' racing fan, who has been following motor racing for decades, who still has to get used to the sound and so on," continued the Formula 2 champion of 2019. "But if you're honest, ask yourself this question: would you rather watch a sport of which you can basically predict the top three in advance or one of which you can't even predict the top ten yet?"

De Vries says that Formula E is doing well in the racing world itself. According to him, it's just waiting for the 'historical' fan to change their mind.

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