Mercedes denies flexible rear wing: "Isn't the case with us"

23-08-2020 11:11 | Updated: 23-08-2020 12:19
Mercedes denies flexible rear wing: Isn't the case with us

During the two Britain British Grand Prix's at the Silverstone circuit, some F1 experts noticed that it looks like the rear wing of the Mercedes car tilts inwards in the corners. Toto Wolff denies this and says that this isn't the case.

According to, it is not possible to say with one hundred percent certainty whether the W11 does indeed drive with a flexible rear wing. It is possibly just an illusion. 

In any case, Wolff makes it clear that the W11 does not have a flexible rear wing. "This is not the case with us," said the team boss of Mercedes. According to Wolff, the world champion does not violate the regulations of the FIA.

The rumours that Mercedes would drive with a flexible rear wing have their origin in Italy. "I don't know what kind of pictures they saw there. But we're not trying to get close to a grey area," clarifies Wolff.

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