Steiner hopeful about abandoning party mode: "Is going to create differences"

19-08-2020 19:46
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Steiner hopeful about abandoning party mode: Is going to create differences

It was a striking image. Haas managed to be at the forefront with both drivers on Friday during the first and second free practice. However, when it became really important during qualifying and the race, things went a lot less with the car of the American team. According to team boss Guenther Steiner it is unclear why the race went so badly.

"We know we don't have the fastest car. We have to see why we lost so much speed from Friday to Sunday. The lap times on Friday were really representative. We were just two seconds slower on Sunday than on Friday. That's really weird", Steiner explains to

Good look at the data

"So it's important that we take a good look at the data to see if we can find anything that can be improved. However, I don't want to draw the same conclusions. It's just important that we understand the difference between Friday and Sunday". Romain Grosjean was clearly unhappy after the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday, but according to Steiner that's not bad.

"I'm used to that. We have to put it in perspective. We know we don't have the fastest car", Steiner explains. Fifteenth place is where the team is now, according to the team boss. For Belgium, however, Steiner keeps hope, now that the party mode will probably be abolished. "It will certainly create differences, or at least make things a bit more even between the teams", Steiner says.

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