FIA and FOM delighted with signing Ferrari

18-08-2020 18:39
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FIA and FOM delighted with signing Ferrari

That Ferrari has signed the Concorde Agreement will not be a surprise in the end, the team has always done so far. Nevertheless, there were issues that caused Ferrari to clash with FOM and the other teams several times last year.

About their veto, for example, that they eventually managed to keep. All in all, they were not easy negotiations and both sides had to make concessions. FIA president Jean Todt and Liberty Media boss Chase Carey are very happy that they succeeded.

“We are pleased that Ferrari is a signatory to the new Concorde Agreement, the three-way agreement that assures a stable future for the FIA Formula One World Championship. This is the pinnacle of motorsport and it is natural that the most successful team ever in this series in which it has always been a protagonist, should continue to be so for many years to come”, said Todt.

Ferrari continues to play an important role

Chase Carey of Liberty Media is also very pleased with the agreement with Ferrari and praises their role in the process of bringing this about. In addition, according to him, the team will continue to play a crucial role in the development of the sport as a spectacle for the fans.

"In the path that has led to defining the new Concorde Agreement, we have been able to appreciate Ferrari’s constructive role, always aimed at making the pinnacle of motorsport stronger, fairer and more sustainable."

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