Pirelli expects two-stoppers on Sunday: "Simply because of the high temperature"

14-08-2020 16:32
by Matt Gretton
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Pirelli expects two-stoppers on Sunday: Simply because of the high temperature

For Pirelli, the two races at Silverstone went differently. In the first Grand Prix there were three cars with flat tyres and during the second Grand Prix on the British circuit the wear was so high that a two stop was minimal. Conditions then are similar to this weekend and Pirelli expects two-stoppers again on Sunday.

"I expect a race with two stops on Sunday, simply because of the temperatures," Mario Isola told Sky Sports. “There is about eight tenths of a difference between the softest tyre and the medium. That was exactly what Pirelli expected. There is now about 1.1 seconds between the medium and the hardest tyre.”

No tyre problems like in Silverstone

Isola indicates that there are therefore several options for the strategy on Sunday, partly thanks to the large difference between the tire compounds. “It is going to be very exciting. Soft-medium-soft seems to be one of the possible strategies. We have to go through all the data first. ”

So several tyre broke in Silverstone, but Isola does not expect those problems in Barcelona. “No, that will not happen. After the first race at Silverstone we immediately analysed the tires and soon found out the problem. ”

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