Renault: "Racing Point must lose all points this season because of the brakes"

14-08-2020 14:47 | Updated: 14-08-2020 18:30
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Renault: Racing Point must lose all points this season because of the brakes

The discussion about the legality of Racing Point started in February and still seems to have no end. Following an initial ruling by the FIA, several teams have appealed against the penalty that has been given. 

"We were actually expecting a constant punishment equivalent to similar punishments in the past," explained Cyril Abiteboul to Autosport. "The most recent punishment we received in Suzuka. That was a violation of the sporting regulations and therefore we were disqualified from the event and lost all points."

Unclear why Racing Point gets light punishment

Racing Point, however, received a lighter penalty than disqualification and got away with a fine and a small decrease in points. "There was no light penalty for Renault, so we don't know why Racing Point does."

Abiteboul clearly disagrees with the penalty given to Racing Point and therefore indicates what else the penalty should comply with. "Instead of fifteen points it should be all the points the team received with the illegal parts. So those are all the points this season."

The light penalty is not the only reason that the team will appeal.

"We also want more clarity about the situation. For the fans, however, it is weird that a car is illegal, but is allowed to keep on driving. So there has to be clarity about it," Abiteboul concluded.

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