Verstappen: "Prohibition of quali mode is good, but not entirely fair"

14-08-2020 11:47 | Updated: 14-08-2020 18:27
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Verstappen: Prohibition of quali mode is good, but not entirely fair

On Thursday, the FIA announced that they are coming up with a new directive on the illustrious 'party mode', which will allow teams in qualifying to get just a little more out of their cars. From the Belgian Grand Prix, it is no longer allowed to be used and it seems that Mercedes will notice that a lot. After all, they are far superior when they use this mode.

It's not entirely fair

Verstappen said earlier that it is a good step forward, but at the same time he asks himself some questions about whether it is fair. "Mercedes has worked very hard to find extra performance, so you can't say it's fair," Verstappen said in the press conference about the ban on this mode.

At the same time, it is always a bit of a struggle against the team that dominated, because Red Bull Racing has experienced that in the past. Verstappen: "When Red Bull dominated Formula 1, many things were banned during the season," with the aim of reducing the gap.

In this sense, history repeats itself and this time Mercedes is probably the one who will feel the most of it.

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