Perez: "Won't be long before the rumours disappear"

13-08-2020 14:38
F1 News
Perez: Won't be long before the rumours disappear

Sergio Perez is allowed to board the Racing Point RP20 again after two races. The Mexican still says he 'just' has a contract for next year.

Rumours around the seat

"What I've heard from the team is that they want to move on with me. It won't be long before the rumors disappear", said Pérez about his contract at Racing Point according to during the FIA press conference.

Furthermore, Perez says he sees nothing strange in the elbow that Lawrence Stroll and Sebastian Vettel shared. So Perez doesn't expect Vettel to make the switch to Racing Point, which will go through life as Aston Martin next season.

Glad to be back

Perez also says he's happy to be back on the grid according to The Mexican says he didn't have any serious symptoms of the coronavirus and that the missed races won't be a physical problem. He has stayed fit and feels good.

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