Doornbos: "Albon can and should pull himself up to his level"

13-08-2020 08:50
Doornbos: Albon can and should pull himself up to his level

Robert Doornbos thinks the warm temperatures in Spain are positive for the chances of Red Bull Racing. However, the former Formula 1 driver warns that Mercedes will come back stronger. Doornbos further states that it's time for Alexander Albon to step up and get closer to the level of Max Verstappen.

"I think that's too premature", Doornbos reacts when he is asked by whether Verstappen is back in the battle for the world title. According to the Ziggo Sports analyst Mercedes will certainly recover after a lesser Sunday in Great Britain. "We've seen that it's a special season and that there are changes almost every day, but it's not the case that Mercedes has suddenly lost its way after last weekend's race at Silverstone."

Warm conditions positive for Red Bull

Temperatures will fluctuate around thirty degrees this week in Barcelona. The asphalt temperature will therefore also be quite high. "At least it's positive for Red Bull. I don't think they quite know yet why the car works better in the heat, although the other way around is also true for Mercedes", he explains. "It's just not that Verstappen can win everything if it stays warm for the rest of the season, because Pirelli is playing a key role with the choice of tyres, it has been shown".

Doornbos doesn't dare say exactly how likely it is that Verstappen will take his second win of the year in Spain. "It's hard to estimate. The strategy at Silverstone unfolded perfectly, but it was also a close call in qualifying," says Doornbos.

If the RB16 of Verstappen is good enough to compete for victory, Albon and his car should also be able to compete in the front. However, for the time being the British Thai is not yet able to do so. "He's showing some pretty special things in terms of race pace. He has the talent and on Sunday you see someone who really can do it, but you have to be a good race and qualifying driver. Verstappen, for example, pulverises everyone. Albon can and should pull himself up to his level."

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