Albers: "At the moment there's nothing negative to report about Verstappen"

13-08-2020 08:00
Albers: At the moment there's nothing negative to report about Verstappen

Christijan Albers sees a very relaxed, self-assured Max Verstappen in 2020. The former Formula 1 driver notes that Verstappen has really taken the lead at Red Bull Racing and states that a second Grand Prix victory is already possible in Spain.

"There's nothing negative to report about Max at the moment," says Albers in the podcast of De Telegraaf. "He's also just the first driver at Red Bull. You see that Albon doesn't come close at all, so you also notice that he is very relaxed. He knows he's also in front of Albon when he drives his worst lap ever. That also gives a bit of confidence."

The fact that Verstappen is at ease at the moment can be clearly seen. The 22-year-old Dutchman regularly jokes about the offer radio, but when it comes down to it he says what it's all about. "He also has to say what he wants and how he wants it, because he's in the car", says Albers, who still hopes that Albon will connect with his team mate. "You have to try to have two drivers who are close to each other if you want to make progress as fast as possible on such a weekend and get the most out of a car like that.

Mercedes has to give up speed

It remains to be seen whether Red Bull will be able to attack its rival Mercedes again this weekend. On Saturday there don't seem to be any chances, but during the race there might be. "In qualifying Red Bull can't win it. In the race there are a lot of possibilities. You can have the same situation as last weekend at Silverstone. They (Mercedes) have to give up some speed to solve that problem. Otherwise they have another problem compared to Red Bull", he concludes.

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