Racing Point appeals fine and points deduction

12-08-2020 15:46
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Racing Point appeals fine and points deduction

Racing Point will appeal the sanction it received from the FIA last Saturday. The team was fined because of an illegal design of the brake ducts, which would have been copied from the Mercedes W10 of 2019.

Not even with punishment

Last weekend Racing Point received a fine of €400.000,- and 15 points were deducted from their total at the manufacturers. The Silverstone team disagrees with this decision and thinks it has done nothing wrong.

Last Saturday Racing Point already informed the FIA by indicating that it wanted to appeal against the penalty. The team has now confirmed that it is appealing the decision according to With this, the British team takes the next step to prove its innocence.


Today it was announced that Ferrari and Renault find the penalty too low for Racing Point. These two teams have in turn appealed, so the penalty will be heavier. McLaren and Williams seemed to want to do the same, but they withdrew.

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