Red Bull puts pressure on Mercedes: "We need to do that on a consistent basis"

12-08-2020 15:28
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Red Bull puts pressure on Mercedes: We need to do that on a consistent basis

Red Bull Racing has a taste for it after a second place and a victory at Silverstone. Team boss Christian Horner announces that the team has gained hope thanks to the strong results of Max Verstappen.

With good hope to Spain

Horner states in his column on that it was discouraging to see that the Mercedesses had more than a second lead in qualifying. But because of the strong result in the race where Verstappen won and Alexander Albon showed some nice overtaking, the team is looking forward to the Spanish Grand Prix.

"I think we have had a better race car than in qualifying and Max has made great use of it", says the Brit. "We tested in Barcelona back in February, which seems such a long time ago now. That data will be a certain reference." Nevertheless, the weekend at Circuit de Catalunya will be very different from the winter tests. This is mainly due to the big difference in heat.

Increase pressure

"The interesting aspect will be how hot it is going to be. Mercedes had a dominant car up until last Sunday, so it is now up to us to understand how we were able to unleash the RB16's full potential last weekend and ensure we remain in the fight", continues the team boss.

Horner says that it indicates that even Mercedes can be vulnerable when you step up the pressure. "And we need to do that on a consistent basis", he concludes.

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