Marko doubts penalty Racing Point: "Don't think this is very well thought out"

12-08-2020 11:31
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Marko doubts penalty Racing Point: Don't think this is very well thought out

Is the Racing Point car legal or not? A question that will probably be answered soon. Racing Point was recently penalized on its brake discs, but was then allowed to continue driving with the parts. In addition, several teams found the FIA's penalty for Racing Point too light.

It is very unclear what exactly is wrong - or that there is something wrong at all - with the Racing Point car. The fact that the FIA is not always an open book was already clear with their approach to Ferrari and its engine last year. Ferrari was punished, but for what? That's still a big secret.

Clarity after the appeal

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is also unhappy about the transparency of the FIA. He also sees that the first statement of the FIA about Racing Point did not immediately give the desired clarity: "I hope that this clarity comes after the appeal (of Ferrari and Renault). For a lawyer it's weird that you get a punishment for something punishable, but then you get three reprimands if you keep using the same parts. How long can you keep giving reprimands? I don't think that's very well thought out. It's important to appeal," says Marko to Sky Deutschland.

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