Palmer gets Ricciardo's excuse: ''Few who come near Verstappen''

12-08-2020 09:03 | Updated: 12-08-2020 09:05
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Palmer gets Ricciardo's excuse: ''Few who come near Verstappen''

According to Christian Horner, Daniel Ricciardo fled the duel with Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing. Whether it was true or not, according to Jolyon Palmer the Australian might have made the best choice.

Ricciardo runs away

''From the moment the button went to Max (Canada 2018), Ricciardo has only beaten him two out of ten fair chances in qualifying. He fled to Renault. That's what it looked like and that's what Christian Horner called it. However, if you look at it now, you'll see he's gone,'' Palmer said in his column for the BBC.

''Ricciardo was only two tenths slower on average than Verstappen in 2018, but at Renault he easily beat Hulkenberg and now he also has the talented Ocon under control. Gasly, on the other hand, was five tenths slower than Verstappen and was put on a lap twice in 12 races''.

Verstappen gives Red Bull a headache

Things didn't get any better with the arrival of Albon, Palmer sees. ''Albon is also four tenths slower and where Max fights with Mercedes, Albon fights for his place in midfield. Your teammate is the best indicator in Formula 1 to see how good you are. That man has the same material'', says Palmer, who also points to Verstappen.

''In that respect Verstappen succeeds with flying colours. He's really giving Red Bull a headache when looking for a second driver. It looks like there won't be many drivers coming close to Verstappen at the moment'', the former Formula 1 driver concludes.

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