Binotto not impressed by angry Wolff: "Everyone looks at own interest"

11-08-2020 17:58 | Updated: 11-08-2020 18:02
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Binotto not impressed by angry Wolff: Everyone looks at own interest

The protests by several teams against the legality of Racing Point's car have put Lawrence Stroll and Toto Wolff in bad blood. Ferrari is one of the teams that joined the protest and Mattia Binotto says she is not very impressed by the unhappy gentlemen.

"There have been protests, and there was the first verdict that said that what Racing Point did was illegal. This is the starting point," said Binotto in front of the camera of Sky Sports Italia. "Stroll and Wolff may be furious, but there's been a violation of the regulations here."

Similar to copying a test

Binotto then compares the situation with someone who passes an exam by copying someone else's answers. In his eyes it is the most normal thing that a punishment is given for this and it must be heavier for him than the fifteen points that have now been deducted.

"We have laid down our intention to appeal. We believe the verdict was not adequate, and we have four days to confirm it. This is normal. We're competitors and everyone's looking at their own interests."

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