Marko: "Can't see data from wind tunnel on the track yet"

11-08-2020 17:30
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Marko: Can't see data from wind tunnel on the track yet

Red Bull Racing achieved a great victory in the second race at Silverstone, but did so thanks to tyre problems at Mercedes. Helmut Marko is also aware of this and therefore mentions a number of things that could be improved.

"We're developing. The car is still a long way from where we want it to be," says a realistic Marko to the Austrian press agency APA. "The data from the windtunnel and CFD can't be seen on the track. We're getting there slowly, it's generally positive. We hope that in Barcelona we can have another fierce battle".

Relationships Red Bull - Mercedes knocked over

Prior to the two races in Great Britain, Mercedes was expected to whistle for victory. In the first race that prediction came true until the flat tyres, but due to the warm weather the proportions changed a week later. To Marko's delight.

"The chassis has to be optimal and other factors have to be right, then we can put pressure on Mercedes. Our base speed was so good that we forced Mercedes to go to the limit. Beforehand they were cruising. We don't give up and still see ourselves as challengers [to Mercedes]"

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