Lammers: "We shouldn't expect too much more from Vettel"

10-08-2020 20:34 | Updated: 10-08-2020 20:50
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Lammers: We shouldn't expect too much more from Vettel

Unlike Charles Leclerc, Sebastian Vettel is not doing well at Ferrari at the moment. Also last weekend he put himself in the spotlight in a negative way by spinning pretty soon after the start. In the end the four-time world champion crossed the finish line in twelfth place and currently he's only ten points out of five races. It's finished with Vettel, at Ferrari at least.

Lost confidence?

In the Formula 1 podcast of NPO Radio 1 the proposition is made that it seems as if Vettel has completely lost his self-confidence. Jan Lammers agrees, who responds by saying that the marriage has failed and that there is a chance that things will go even worse. In other words: Vettel won't give any more special performances to the Italian team this year.

"I don't think you can expect so much more from him. He can from himself, I think, because as a sportsman you always have to. It has been announced that Ferrari will choose someone else, so the divorce is imminent, you know that. And if you can't find it already together during the marriage, it often doesn't get much better during the divorce."

"It's just very difficult," concludes Lammers' view of Vettel's current situation. For the German it is still unclear what he will do after this season. He is often associated with Racing Point where he could continue his career. This is because other teams are more or less full or not competitive enough for Vettel.

So far there has been no confirmation and for the rest of the season he will have to make do with Ferrari. Whether that is going to work, that is the question. Some analysts raise the question if it is wise for Vettel to finish the season at the Italian race stable, because the atmosphere would become more "toxic" by the day.

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