Brawn: "If Hamilton hadn’t joined, Hülkenberg was our next choice"

10-08-2020 12:28 | Updated: 10-08-2020 13:11
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Brawn: If Hamilton hadn’t joined, Hülkenberg was our next choice

Nico Hülkenberg as regular driver of Mercedes. It could have happened just like that according to Ross Brawn's latest column on the Formula 1 website. The Brit announces that if Lewis Hamilton hadn't come to Brackley, Hülkenberg would have been the next option.

Good performance

Brawn speaks full of praise for the return of Hülkenberg in Formula 1. "It was going to be an incredible physical challenge for Nico Hulkenberg and I don’t know how much he hurt at the end of the race, but it was great performance all weekend by someone who had just been dropped in the deep end", says the general manager of Formula 1.

Hülkenberg at Mercedes

He also announced that Hülkenberg had almost joined Mercedes in 2013. "I almost signed him years ago, when I was in charge at Mercedes. If Lewis hadn’t joined Mercedes when he did, Nico was our next choice."

"I’ve always respected Nico enormously as a driver. He’s a very strong driver who should be in Formula 1", Brawn concludes.

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