Rosberg critical of Verstappen: ''I thought he'd break his tyres''

10-08-2020 10:35 | Updated: 10-08-2020 13:01
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Rosberg critical of Verstappen: ''I thought he'd break his tyres''

Max Verstappen won the second Grand Prix at Silverstone and made a big impression on the onboard radio by not holding back. Sebastian Vettel showed himself from a different side on the onboard radio.

Rosberg first critical on Verstappen

"At the moment he shouted about the onboard radio that he wanted to keep on racing I was critical, because I thought he was going to destroy those tyres. But it turned out to be the right move, because by driving so fast Mercedes had to go in early and Verstappen had an advantage'', says Nico Rosberg after the race at RTL.

At Sebastian Vettel it went a lot less. The German spun in the first lap of the Grand Prix and finally finished twelfth in his Ferrari. However, he started to complain about the onboard radio against his team. The situation seems to get worse at Ferrari and so the question is how long this will last?

Has Vettel already left Ferrari?

''For the state of mind of the teams it would be wise if Carlos Sainz already goes to Ferrari, Daniel Ricciardo to McLaren and Fernando Alonso to Renault'', says Gerhard Berger to According to the Austrian, it is not healthy to let Vettel continue working with Ferrari.

''The messages about the onboard radio clearly show how tense the situation is at Ferrari. However, he now has to fight and ask for a new car. I can't imagine that Vettel is that much slower than Charles Leclerc. There must be something fundamentally wrong with that car'', concludes Rosberg.

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