Dutch press praises Red Bull: "Wolff looked at screens with fright"

10-08-2020 07:36
by Matt Gretton
Dutch press praises Red Bull: Wolff looked at screens with fright

Max Verstapppen recorded his first victory of the 2020 Formula 1 season at Silverstone, breaking Mercedes' dominance. Red Bull Racing has received some criticism from the Dutch press in recent weeks, but after the second British GP of 2020, the Austrian team is praised for its strategic choices. Verstappen can also receive the necessary compliments.

The Telegraph

The morning newspaper praises the tyre management and the calmness of Verstappen during Sunday's race. "A tactical move and the qualities of a 'tire whisperer' led to a suitable reward for Max Verstappen. At Silverstone, the Limburger soon noticed that he finally had the car again to fight for the victory. The Red Bull driver was completely in control for 52 laps and even overruled his engineer Gianpiero Lambiase a few times on the team radio."

Algemeen Dagblad

The Red Bull team and especially the strategists are praised by the Algemeen Dagblad. "He who doesn't dare, doesn't win. At brutal speed it didn't work so often this year, but on these tactics Max Verstappen beat the Mercedes. On a dry track without safety cars, the Dutchman of Red Bull Racing managed to beat Lewis Hamilton. and keep Valtteri Bottas behind him, on his way to his ninth victory in Formula 1."

NRC Handelsblad

The NRC also saw that the basis for the victory of Verstappen was actually already laid in qualifying. "Not starting on soft, but on hard tyres. That strategy paid off for Max on Sunday. Verstappen was able to make his first pit stop much later than his competitors from Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, and stayed under them after his two tyre changes. put great pressure. "

The Volkrant

Like De Telegraaf, de Volkskrant believes that Verstappen handled his tyres very well in the treacherous circumstances at Silverstone. "Thanks to a clever strategy and a masterclass tyre management, Verstappen drove superbly to his first victory of the season. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff looked at the screens in his garage with fright in his eyes. The rapid pace at which the tyres of his cars wear is evident after five races by far the weakest spot of a car that otherwise seems almost unbeatable. The Dutchman is known for his smooth driving, especially in corners. It is the result of the many thousands of hours he spent on go-kart tracks with his father Jos. his driving style. "

Het Parool

Finally, Het Parool is also making a contribution. "The Dutchman from Red Bull's gamble not to start on soft, but hard tyres turned out sublime. When Hamilton had to change his worn-out tyres ten laps before the finish, Verstappen entered the race for the third time and race in the lead and never let it go."

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