Verstappen doesn't believe in a Barcelona miracle: "We will still be short of that

10-08-2020 07:31
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Verstappen doesn't believe in a Barcelona miracle: We will still be short of that

Max Verstappen has won the second Grand Prix at Silverstone and many think that the temperature and softer tyres played an important role. Will this also be an advantage in Spain, where it might get warmer?

During the second race weekend at Silverstone, Pirelli came up with a softer tyre compound to make the two weekends slightly different. This worked out particularly well for Red Bull Racing, which had much less problems with the tyres than the competition during the second race in warmer conditions.

Verstappen wants more pit stops

"It's not for me to put that back at Pirelli, but we had a nice race and maybe that's the tyre? However, we must be realistic. We had a nice race, but we are still far too short in qualifying. We have to solve that first," said Verstappen during the press conference.

In Barcelona, ​​Verstappen has to do it again with the hardest compounds from Pirelli and so the Dutchman mainly looks to Mercedes. "We were a lot slower on that hard tyre, so I don't expect a miracle. I think it's even more interesting to have a two stop race instead of a one stop race. I don't think anyone here likes tyre saving. We want to push, full gas," Verstappen concludes.

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