Binotto counters Vettel after criticism of strategy: "Went wrong at his start"

09-08-2020 19:42 | Updated: 09-08-2020 22:09
Binotto counters Vettel after criticism of strategy: Went wrong at his start

Sebastian Vettel is not satisfied with how he was guided through the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix by Ferrari. The four-time world champion ended up in traffic and lost a lot of time as a result. Mattia Binotto hints that Vettel actually took care of this herself by spinning in the first lap.

"I don't think Sebastian has lost confidence in the group", Binotto said at Sky Italia after the second British Grand Prix of the year. "He's having a hard time at the moment. In qualifying and in the last two GPs he hasn't had confidence in the car".

Things went wrong for the German at the start. He spun and had to start his advance from the last place. Vettel said afterwards that he wasn't happy with how that overtaking race was strategically shaped by Ferrari. Binotto didn't agree with the criticism of his 33 year old driver.

Ferrari does not agree with criticism Vettel

"I don't think there's much to say about that strategy. We may have brought him in a bit early, causing him to lose a spot to Kimi (Raikkonen, ed.), but we knew that he would take that spot back without any loss of time".

The team boss of Ferrari says that maybe Vettel should check himself first. "It actually went wrong at the start of his race. I think that turned out to be the key and not the chosen strategy", he concludes.

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