Tanabe after emotional victory: "we will continue to work hard"

09-08-2020 19:13 | Updated: 09-08-2020 22:05
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Tanabe after emotional victory: we will continue to work hard

At Honda they are obviously very happy with Max Verstappen's victory in Great Britain. For the Dutchman it meant his ninth Grand Prix victory in his Formula 1 career and the Japanese engine supplier is enormously proud of what the Dutchman managed on Sunday afternoon.

Emotional victory

"It is fantastic to have taken our first win of the season at this special 70th anniversary race, at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s home track, which is also very near to our Milton Keynes headquarters", says Tanabe on his employer's website.

Tanabe says that the victory brought a special emotional charge. "Just a few days ago, on 5th August, it was the anniversary of the death of our founder, Soichiro Honda, who passed away in 1991, making it an even more emotional win."

Difficult Grand Prix

"We knew from Friday that this race would be tough on tyres, with a softer range of compounds than the previous week’s choice at the same track. That proved to be true, but thanks to an excellent strategy and Max’s ability to make it work, we were able to take this win which is very much down to teamwork from everyone involved", continued Tanabe.

Tanabe says he is satisfied with the Honda power source. "Honda’s PU contributed to the victory, giving good performance and running reliably. It took a while to get our first win of the year, but I’m sure our fans will be delighted and now, as usual, we will continue to work hard to try and get more wins soon."

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