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Marko sees plenty of opportunities: The gap with Mercedes is getting smaller

Marko sees plenty of opportunities: "The gap with Mercedes is getting smaller"

09-08-2020 18:44

Helmut Marko believes that Red Bull Racing is still competing for the World Championship. After Max Verstappen's win on Sunday, the Red Bull advisor talks about his hopes for the Championship and the rest of the season. 

Championship not decided

"We've always said so far that the championship hasn't been decided yet. Of course, we still have some problems with our car, but the gap with Mercedes is getting smaller every week. We just need to be stronger in qualifying, because that's our weakness," said Marko in conversation with Sky Sports F1.

"They forget we could have almost won the first race if Verstappen hadn't failed. We could also have won last week if Lewis Hamilton's tyre had failed earlier," the Austrian continues. According to him the RB16 isn't that bad.

Everything is still possible

Marko is also looking at the drivers championship where Verstappen climbed up to second position. "Max is second, everything is still possible. The gap to Hamilton can also be overlooked. We can only get better, so I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. There is too much negativity if you ask me," concludes Marko.

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